Solar Geysers

Did you know geysers can account for the majority of your electricity bill every month? Solar geysers, on the other hand, can reduce your bill by up to 60%. This means they are becoming a very popular home installation for many South African homeowners. But how do you choose the one best suited for your home and your needs? It is first important to know how they work.

How do they work?

Very simply, they use the sun’s energy to heat up the water. The water in the pipes is heated by a process known as convection. This is when the water stored in the panels heats up and rises into the water tank above. The hot water in the tank then moves into the cylinder, usually located inside the house. If the geyser is located in the ceiling, a circulating pump is needed to circulate the water between the tank and the panels.

Do solar geysers work in Winter?

During the iciness months whilst the sun’s warmth isn't as strong, they do generate much less warm water. The answer is to go away the electric detail on for longer so that you can warmth the water to the preferred temperature. While this will use barely greater electricity, the prices of walking a sun water heating gadget remains drastically much less than the ones of a traditional geyser.

How much is a solar geyser in South Africa?

The price of the water heating system is largely dependent on your household needs. The two systems, direct or indirect, will also help determine which geyser to install as well as the price.

Which solar geyser is the best?

Before deciding on a water heating system for your home, it is worthwhile to first do research and speak to the experts about which geyser will best suit your needs. If you install solar panels on your roof they’re going to be exposed to harsh weather conditions throughout the year. Strong winds, the baking sun, snow, and hail can damage cheap solar panels as they’re not durable enough to withstand weather conditions long term.

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